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Welcome to the Science Club at Freedom Schoolhouse and Farm, where homeschooling reaches new heights through hands-on exploration. Our club enriches the curriculum with engaging activities, from cooking and exploring food to crafting homemade cleaners and delving into chemical reactions. With a focus on following the children's interests, we spark curiosity through garden growing and outdoor experiments. Join us as we ignite a passion for science while nurturing creativity and environmental stewardship.

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Being "Freedom-Minded" and "Critical Thinkers" means that we keep an open mind to all ideas that are presented to us, question everything and everyone, while knowing that we do not have all the answers, but we can do the research to learn more!

(What we thought we knew, maybe we don't!)

What they tell us might not be true!

With this in mind, the way lessons in Science are taught is with the constant reminder of "keep an open-mind" and that "everything shown to you or taught to you is a *Theory*".

We give lots of examples on both sides of a theory and allow for students to form their own opinions or further increase our research to answer questions and doubts.

There is a strong emphasis and daily reminder to students to not accept everything that they are told and to especially question their instructor with curiosity and respect.

Science topics range in lots of areas, yet the students have really taken to the changes and reactions to combining atoms and molecules together to form new substances - all through cooking! Learning measurement and making a Cookbook to take home at the end of the year has been such a fun experience for the students to learn chemical reactions in ingredients.

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