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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it okay to show up anytime to check out the school?

This is a Private School and Private Property.

Please do not show up on the property without proper notification before-hand or without setting up a tour.

Food for thought: would you be okay with a stranger coming into your child's school without knowledge of the admin?

If you happen to show up, without this proper process, you will be asked to leave and to reread the website for more information. To learn about setting up a Tour,

please read the section below!

(Also, Yes, we have community events happening on the property usually on the weekends. They will be listed on the website, under the

School Events page, but Tours or "looking at the classroom"

will not be available during those events.)


How do I set up a Tour or

Phone Call Appointment?


Click Here!

Your message will be sent directly to our director and we will get back to you between

one - three business days.

Toilet Independent

My child is not potty trained, is that okay?

Unfortunately, due to resources available, we are unable to enroll children who are not toilet independent. They need to be comfortable using the restroom by themselves and able to verbalize when support is needed.


My child isn't at "grade-level". How do you assess students coming into your school?

Academic Progress

More times than not, parents coming to Freedom

Schoolhouse and Farm believe their child is set at a grade determined by the public education system. Yet,

their assessment is false and untrue! Parents are

then shocked by the results after being assessed

by our teachers of what their child's current

understanding level is. Fortunately, we

believe that every child is different and

unique; they do not have to fit into the

mold of the educational/indoctrination camps,

commonly called "Public School". We take each

student as they are, and begin to develop their strengths, work on their weaknesses, and formulate an individualized curriculum to start their new journey of discovering a love of learning.

          Assessments are verbal and written and come from a variety of different curriculum platforms that have been tested and tried. Parents will receive a copy of the assessment and a plan moving forward as to what program and level they will be focusing on.

Public schools are teaching about

"sexual orientation", LGBTQ+ stuff, and this trans agenda.... Does your school teach about that?

We are not against the sexual orientation of others, but we are against the political agenda being forced upon the young minds of our newest generations. At our school, we do not discuss LGBTQ+ topics or teach about sexual orientation. These are not appropriate topics for a school setting and we ask that these conversations remain outside of our school walls. We believe children should not be thinking about these topics until they are mature enough to handle them responsibly and still, these topics should be discussed with parents.

In our experience, as we are living in the "information age", where the world is at our fingertips, children become curious about topics such as these and have brought up this topic in the classroom, multiple times. These questions are faced without shaming, and instead supported in encouragement to talk to family members about such personal topics. Parents, of course will be notified of any and all questions their child asks, discreetly to plan these conversations at home.  

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Are you looking for more teachers or assistants?

Oh my, yes! Please email us if you are interested in employment with us. We can offer teacher-training through our experienced Master Teacher. This is an especially great opportunity for

first-time teachers and employment for fully or newly experienced teachers. One of the biggest qualities you must have is to be Teachable. We do not know everything, especially if you've only gone to school to learn to be a teacher. Pride and Ego can get in the way of learning! Direct experience is the only way to become an amazing teacher, and here you have the wealth of two decades worth of experience from our Teachers and Directors.

Please email us if you are curious about learning from our school!

We absolutely welcome you.

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More Coming Soon!

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