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     We believe in educational freedom, where the whole child is our focus. We teach emergent curriculum, which means through observation and conversation, our teachers develop curriculum that the students are showing interest in. We are not a traditional school, yet our passionate teachers have come from a traditional background and never looked back. Our school helps develop critical thinkers, build interest in literature, cultivate creativity, and acquire life-long social-emotional intelligence.

Elementary School


    Our Kindergarten Curriculum builds an emphasis on imaginative play, 

Elementary School

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     We begin our Academics in the morning, with fresh awakened minds ready to explore math, language, reading, and writing.

    The Curriculum covers all CA Standards in each subject and over the course of the year, students will naturally obtain the information through our routine and be ready for the next level at their own pace. If a child has mastered a level, they will take a written and verbal assessment conducted by the teacher.  

    Having a class size of up to 10 students allows for High-Quality attentive teaching and guidance from our very experienced teachers. 

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ART : Students are welcome to begin any project they feel drawn to making during any free time during the day. Scheduled Art Time  is lead with the intention of introducing a new Artist each week, exposing new artistic ideas, exploring new materials, and using techniques to help them grow their own creativity.

ASTRONOMY: Being "Freedom-Minded" means that we keep an open mind and know that we do not have all the answers - what we thought we knew, we don't! What they tell us might not be true! With this in mind, the way lessons in Astronomy are taught is with the constant reminder of "keep an open-mind" and that "everything shown to you or taught to you is a *Theory*". We give lots of examples on both sides of a theory and allow for students to form their own opinions or further increase our research to answer questions and doubts.

SCIENCE: Science topics range in lots of areas, yet the students have really taken to the changes and reactions to combining atoms and molecules together to form new substances - all through cooking! Learning measurement and making a Cookbook to take home at the end of the year has been such a fun experience for the students to learn chemical reactions in ingredients...


History is an important component to our Curriculum that is integrated throughout all subjects. 

Students will be able to understand their rights as American Citizens through exploring the Bill of Rights, the US Constitution, and understand Historical American Documents and why they were created. 


History has been in the making during these current times, so in our classroom we create a space to talk about, research, and explore the newest "current events" students have heard about or want to understand more about.   

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